4 Things You Must Know to Work Temporarily in Canada

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Working temporarily in Canada can be a gateway to becoming a permanent resident or simply a way to come make a little bit more money or to do something different. 150,000 workers from other countries come to Canada every year to compensate for skill shortages or even to work as caregivers.

1. Employer to Determine Eligibility

The person who wishes to hire you will need to make sure that he is able to have someone from outside of Canada perform the duties that he wants you to do. Some jobs will require labour market opinion from human resources, while others will only require a work permit. In order to get more information on eligibility there is a complete list of occupations that do not require a labour market opinion on the Immigration Canada website.

2. Other Requirements

There is a list of general requirements that a person needs to fill when entering the country and staying for any amount of time. These are general requirements when even visiting Canada, and are in addition to the requirements you need to fulfill in order to work in Canada. In order to enter Canada you will need a passport, be healthy and have enough money for your stay. Immigration officers may also ask some other questions in order to determine you eligibility to enter the country.

3. Work Permit is Not Permanent

It is important to remember that having a work permit does not mean you will be able to live in Canada permanently; this will require you to apply under an immigration category. However, it is important to note, that a work permit could be your first step into the labour market in Canada. There are also exceptions for live-in caregivers who may be able to stay in Canada permanently providing that they meet the eligible criteria.

4. Spouse and Children

In order to come to Canada with you, your spouse and children will need to apply to do so. They will need to satisfy the requirements needed to become a temporary resident. The immigration officer will also ask them questions in order to make sure their intentions are to be in Canada temporarily. Family members may be asked to pass a criminal record check, and may be asked to provide proof that they are related to you; this would include marriage certificates or birth certificates. In addition, if they wish to work while here, they will need to apply for a temporary open work permit which would allow them to get a job pretty much anywhere in the country.

All this information and the many different requirements that need to be fulfilled, this can sometimes become overwhelming for anyone wishing to temporarily work in Canada. The biggest city in Canada, which is Toronto could be the  perfect place to come work as there are many job opportunities, so why not may ask the advice of an immigration lawyer Toronto.


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