Canadian Small Business Start-Up

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Starting a small business anywhere is both thrilling and challenging. Many would-be business owners may be intimidated by the process which is not as difficult as it may seem. Although federal, provincial and municipal laws must be followed, the Canadian system is basically designed to encourage small business growth and there is a great deal of support and efficient procedures in place to aid the entrepreneur.

Residency in Canada is the primary requirement necessary to begin the process. If a person wants to start a business in Canada but does not live here, partnership with a Canadian resident is probably the easiest way to establish a Canadian presence. An existing business in another country will need to have a business address in Canada in order to complete the required process enabling it to conduct business here. To bypass residency requirements, the Business Development Centre offers several options to non-residents.

Although many small businesses are begun without one, formulating a business plan is a crucial step that will benefit the new Canadian small business in many ways. A well written business plan should act as a roadmap as well as a detailed explanation of the goals and benefits of the company. The business plan will be referred to often throughout the first few years of the new business and may need to be modified as methods are tested and adjustments need to be made. It is also necessary to obtain any funding from private or public sources. There are many resources available to aid in the creation of a business plan from libraries to contractors that can be hired to perform the task.

Once the business plan has been established, naming the company and registering it with the provincial registrar is the next step. The most convenient form of business filing is as a corporation. Corporation would offer limited liability and significant flexibility for changes of ownership and future financing.

There are several options for financing a new business in Canada. The business plan will be instrumental in deciding how much is needed to start the company and in qualifying for any loans or funding. A certain amount personal financial investment may enhance the presentation of the business plan but it is important to remember that there will be a period during which the new business owner will not see much if any income from the business and should therefore plan any liquid asset investment accordingly.

When you are ready to start your business in Canada,contact the Business Development Centre for assistance with registration and on-going support.


  • i am interested to have more knowledge to establish a business in canada

    • There are many options for starting a business in Canada. Everything would depend on the type of business your want to start.

      The easiest business is the one that can be operated remotely, like e-commerce, internet, etc… The stat-up cost is minimal and you do not have to be in Canada to operate the business. On the other hand, you can start a business with a physical location in Canada. That would require more resources for office and staff. Also, you would need to obtain permission from immigration services to visit Canada.

      Since every situation is different, we encourage you to email us directly with your specific situation and questions. We will do our best to point you in the right direction.

      • hello admin,
        i have completed my graduation recently, i want to migrate canada and i am from bangladesh, i want to do business and study in quibeck of canada, i want to coplete post graduation and also i want to business in canada, so how can i start processing for reaching my goal, pls tell me elaborately because of i know nothing about that, please help me and inform me as aearly as possible, and how can i get your help for reaching my goal,

        • Thank you for your post.
          Please contact the immigration lawyer we have listed on this website.

  • I wanted to migrate to Canada,and start my business there.I’m into pawnshop business.I handled the entire business,I’m an appraiser,bookkeeper and clerk rolled into one.I have no idea where to start…

    • There are 2 ways of getting your business started in Canada. You can immigrate first and then start your business or you start and develop your business first and then immigrate.

      If your primary interest is immigration, then you should start with checking if you qualify under any on the immigration programs.

      Your education, English level, financial status and having relatives in Canada would be important. You should definitively talk to a Canadian lawyer and you can find one on this site under Immigration Consultants section.

      On the other hand if you want to start with the business first, we would be happy to help. Simply contact us via email with full details about your plans.

  • I am in the process of migrating to Canada. What steps can I take to start up a hairdressing salon in Canada?45HT

  • i am vijay singh my dob 2-8-1964 i am ex-service man of indian navy.want to start a small business in canada and then want to immigrate.I do not know how to start a it possible .pls guide me and help me

    • We can definitely help you with starting a business. Simply submit a support ticket here
      Don’t forget to ask specific question to allow us better understand your situation. Thanks.

  • Hi
    I would like to buy a small business.Either in Clothes/Fashion Store/ Accessories shop, Can you let me know more about this . Will I get a temporary visa or a business visa . do i need to come there to buy or can i do it from outside the country. Would appreciate if you can mail me some details so i can get back to you at the earliest.

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