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Financing Small Business

Saturday, November 12, 2011   Business Articles, Business Financing    

The primary reason most people do not follow through on a great idea or business plan is because they think the funds necessary to bring it to fruition are unavailable to them. There are various financing options open to new or expanding small businesses. The beginning entrepreneur has many potential backers for a good idea. Aside from any personal resources, the budding small business can enlist the financial support of venture capitalists, “angel” investors and traditional banks. In addition to these, there are many government [...]

Canadian Government Offers Millions for Small Businesses

Wednesday, November 9, 2011   Business Articles, Business Financing    

For years, the Canadian government has distributed millions of dollars in grants in an effort to strengthen local economies. The intention is to invest in the development of businesses of various sizes and sectors, contributing to the economic growth of the nation. Many departments within the Canadian government accept relevant proposals for free grants. When a proposal is submitted to the appropriate department, basic eligibility requirements are checked and the proposal is evaluated based on the feasibility, sustainability and community impact of the project. Free [...]